Public Liability & Employers Liability Insurance is available - just call 0345 46 799 01 to arrange a quote and remember we offer FREE advice. Public liability insurance is there to protect the individual / sole trader, business or company against claims from members of the public that arise because of the business or other associated activities of the company. An example of this is someone who falls over in your shop or someone who is injured by a product you sell. Employers liability insurance protects your employees against injury, death etc in the workplace. Public liability is the same sort of thing, but protects members of the public who visit your premises. Employers liability insurance is compulsory as you are legally obliged to protect your employees. One claim could cost hundreds of thousands if someone is killed or seriously injured and without it in place, your business could go under.

Tailor your policy

Public liability Protect your business against accidental injury and property damage claims made by your customers, members of the public or people you visit with Public Liability Insurance.

Professional indemnity If people rely on your professional services or advice, they could sue you if they believe you’ve made a mistake. Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you from compensation claims and hefty legal fees.

Business equipment If you’re a business professional, we can cover your portable business equipment in case they’re accidentally damaged, lost or stolen.

Own plant, tools and equipment If you’re a tradesman, you can also insure your tools, plant and equipment for damage, theft and loss.

Hired in plant You’ll also have the option of covering hired tools and plant that are accidentally lost, damaged or destroyed in your care.

Contract works If you’re working on a construction project and there’s an accident that causes damage or destruction, contract works cover helps you recoup the costs and get the project back on track.

Personal accident  capital benefits We’ll give you a lump sum payment of £2000 if you or a key partner under 75 is involved in an accident that results in death, permanent disability, or loss of limb or sight.

Personal accident  weekly benefits If a key partner under 75 is temporarily injured and unable to work, we’ll pay their weekly wage until they recover.